Written in the Stars

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We are stardust. What’s your Sign?

On October 23rd, 2020 – I’m beyond excited to launch a “stellar” endeavor and starry new collection for Lauren Elaine Bridal ….. “STARDUST.”

So what is “STARDUST?” A unique and whimsical bridal collection inspired by the constellations, “Stardust” will feature a new gown release with the rise of each constellation in the sky, influenced by the traits and elements of each astrological sign.

Stardust by Lauren Elaine Bridal Collection

“Stardust” launches in Scorpio on October 23rd, 2020. Why Scorpio? Aside from being my own sign, Scorpio is perhaps the most “mermaid” of all of the signs- a water sign of passion, intensity and mystery. And as such, the first gown release, inspired by Scorpio, will be a mermaid silhouette, complete with epic train…or should I say tail?!

Inspiration sketches for “Scorpio”

Here’s what you can expect from each piece in our new “Stardust” collection: (1) Completely unique fabrications and embellishments, including lots of customizable color options (2) New and avant garde silhouettes and shapes, with add-on accessories like capes, sleeves, and overskirts. (3) The option of adding your star sign and/or partner’s constellation pattern to each gown – a personalized tribute written in the stars.

And lastly, like almost all of our collection gowns, elements from each new release can be combined to create a custom gown design. So if you decide you love our release in Scorpio, but you’re a Leo- you can pull from the stars to create your dream dress.

Follow along on Instagram for sneak peeks leading up to our first release in Scorpio on October 23rd, 2020 on Lauren-Elaine.com

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