Sanctuary by Lauren Elaine Bridal: On Location

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sanc·tu·ar·y | noun

a place of refuge or safety. a nature reserve.  

And the name of our latest Lauren Elaine Bridal capsule collection, shot on location in my very own personal sanctuary…

I’ve been getting lots of questions asking about the triangle arbor we used as a backdrop for our Sanctuary Collection photoshoot, and the location for the images. Inspired by our past photoshoots at Desert X , and wanting to take advantage of the California wildflower season on our property, we shot this collection at our home, Castle Vista, and built our own triangle art installation to compliment the detailing and patterns on the first three gown releases: Phophecy, Chauntry, and Pinnacle.


Ironically, the name of the collection took shape after the shoot. It seemed only fitting during this time to release a collection entitled, “Sanctuary,” as everyone is sharing this quarantine experience together in their own personal safe havens.


Here’s a look at our Sanctuary Capsule Collection by Lauren Elaine Bridal. Click on any image below to view the full gown details and learn more about our current online discounts to celebrate their release!

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