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The first rule of Palate Club, is you MUST talk about Palate Club!

An ever-growing wine enthusiast, I’m thrilled to share and talk all about my favorite new wine club with you – Palate Club! It’s an amazing online wine subscription service that acts like your own personal sommelier and wine concierge through an interactive app that figures out exactly what you love, and curates your shipments to your own personal wine preferences!  Whether you’re a novice or an “expert” – it’s a perfect way to discover new wines from around the world of the highest quality, and learn more about your own tastes when it comes to wine, and which varietals and styles you like best.

How it Works:

Download the Palate Club App.  When you sign up to try Palate Club (50% discount with code ‘Friend50’),  you’ll first receive a shipment of 4 red, and 4 white half-sized bottles- they’re labeled and fully wrapped to allow for a blind taste test experience.  You’ll try all of the wines and rate them with a special star system through the app, so Palate Club can get an idea of your wine preferences and start creating your personal wine profile – known as your Palate Profile! As you rate each bottle, it’s name and type are revealed through the app (I had so much fun trying to guess which varietal I was trying each time.) It’s really a ton of fun – and a great way to host your own wine tasting party!

Once you’ve rated and tried all of your sample bottles, Palace Club prepares your first wine shipment, based on your ratings and reviews.  You can customize each shipment, with as few or as many bottles as you’d like (I chose to keep with standard 4 red/4 white from my first full shipment.) As quite the experienced wine consumer, I know I love bold, full bodied reds, and steel aged chardonnays (no butter please), so some of my results weren’t exactly a surprise. However, living in California I tend to stay in the California wine bubble- and I’m often overwhelmed with choosing wines from other regions.  Palate Club included the most amazing and delicious wines from Italy and France, and even some (new favorites!) from Washington and Oregon – so the ability to try so many different regions, is fantastic! I also know that I’m pretty much guaranteed to love each bottle, because I’ve provided feedback and rated each bottle I’ve opened.  And as you continue to order additional shipments, you continue to rate each bottle- adding to your wine dossier, aka Palate Profile. Here’s my current profile:

I can’t praise Palate Club enough for the quality and diversity of their wines.  While the initial tasting delivery included 1 or 2 tasting bottles that I didn’t absolutely love, it allowed me to share my dislike for those wine styles, and my first shipment of curated wines has been spot on.  It’s seriously my new favorite wine club.  I would highly recommend trying it out -and I’m happy to share a 50% discount code on your first shipment, below. Cheers!

To get 50% off your first order, use code ‘Friend50’ via the Palate Club App.

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