A Valentine’s Day Treat: Salted Bourbon Hot Chocolate

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It’s February,  love is in the air…and it’s absolutely freezing outside (at least by LA standards here in California). Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and if you’re looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings while keeping cozy, I’m sharing my recipe for the most decadent adult hot chocolate yet! Combining my favorite new dark chocolate (from HU kitchen – tons of amazing gourmet flavor options and made from only premium organic ingredients with no additives whatsoever), and my go-to Brown Sugar Bourbon (from Heritage Distilling), it’s a perfect way to spice up this month of romance and serve as a dessert cocktail in lieu of the standard boxed chocolate fair.  I’ve included the recipe below (curtesy of my husband’s ever evolving bartending skills).

“Salted Bourbon Hot Chocolate” Cocktail Recipe:

-1 CUP Milk

-1/2 CUP Heavy Cream

-1 BAR Hu Kitchen “Salty Dark” Chocolate (save 1 square for shaving)

-1 TBSP Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)

-2 OZ Heritage Brown Sugar Bourbon 103 “High Altitude”

-1 OZ Bailey’s Irish Cream

-Whipped Cream

-Chocolate Shavings (to garnish)

Servings: 3-4


Directions: Add milk, heavy cream, chocolate bar, and cocoa powder to a small saucepan and set to low/medium heat. Gently bring the mix to a slow heat (do not boil), stirring occasionally. Once the chocolate has melted, and the hot chocolate has reached desired temperature (I like mine HOT;), remove from heat. Add bourbon and Irish cream to a mug . Pour in the hot chocolate and stir (Add more or less hot chocolate to balance the alcohol to preference). Add whipped cream on top. Shave remaining square of chocolate over whipped cream to garnish. Build a fire and enjoy…

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