Belles of the Met Ball


Ah…the Met Ball–the Oscars of Fashion.  Personally, I loved this year’s theme –celebrating American couturier Charles James,  and encouraging ball gowns and bustles galore.  I’m sharing 3 of my favorite looks below – categorized by ‘Most Exciting’, ‘Most Appropriate’, and ‘Best in Show.’


It’s not easy to pull off a head-to-toe hot pink look with red hair…and on top of a red carpet. But Emma Stone blew me away in her Thakoon ensemble, finished with gorgeous metallic makeup and accents.  Her look was exciting and unique– and definitely stood out amongst a sea of debutante-worthy gowns.



MOST APPROPRIATE:  Sarah Jessica Parker

Sure, it’s over-the-top, but it’s the MET BALL. Given this year’s theme, it’s absolutely perfect.   And only SJP could pull off this decadent Oscar de la Renta creation, complete with a red John Hancock.



BEST IN SHOW: Hayden Panettiere 

I love a look that isn’t afraid to embrace ‘pretty.’ Classic ball gown with a deliciously modern pastel twist.  I love this Dennis Basso gown paired with an effortless updo.


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