Sunday Safari


Nothing boosts creativity and inspires new ideas more than a change of scenery.   Seeing new things and exploring new places inspires new ways of thinking and looking at the world.  Sometimes, amidst all the craziness of work and life, you just need to take a break, and get out! Living in LA, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to visit– and in just a day. No long vacation required.  So this past Sunday, I decided to take a drive through the Angeles National Forest. Although I’ve lived in LA for nearly 8 years, I’ve  only passed through bits and parts of the huge mountain range a few times (it’s 1,024.0 sq miles!) So a couple of hour before sunset, I set off for a ‘Sunday Safari’ — scouting new hiking trails, picking wildflowers, and taking in one epic sunset.  On my adventure, I wore the new “Kenya” dress- fitting with it’s tribal safari print, and made of super comfortable rayon.  Shop KENYA here!

SundaySafari1laurenelainepowellwithblur  sundaysafari3laurenelainepowellsundaysafari7laurenelainepowellsundaysafari1sundaysafari9laurenelainepowellSundaySafari4laurenelainepowellsundaysafari2laurenelainepowellsundaysafari10laurenelainepowell SundaySafari6laurenelainepowell  SundaySafari5LaurenElainePowellsundaysafari8


Dress: KENYA from Laine by Lauren Elaine Collection |  Photos by ULE Digital



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