Wide Open Spaces


Last week,  I posted about my recent trip to beautiful Santa Ynez.  While I started off in Los Olivos, I saved the best for the last.  And in my opinion, the “best” is  definitely the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail.  If you enjoy gorgeous views, great wine, and wide open spaces, it’s a must-do.  In the spirit of the romantic country scenery, I paired the flirty “Sadie” dress from ‘Laine by Lauren Elaine’ collection, with my favorite cowboy hat.  To take the western edge off, I finished the look off with a pair of combat boots — the perfect choice for stomping grapes, or just stomping around vineyards:)






While I could probably be content to just pull over and take in the scenery, it’s hard to pass up a visit to Firestone.  I’ve yet to even come close to visiting each vineyard along the wine trail, but I always go back to Firestone.  I love their Chardonnay, but more importantly, I love everything about their tasting room, and their sprawling vineyards.




Outfit Details |  Dress: “Sadie” by ‘Laine by Lauren Elaine’ |


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