Straight Up with a Diamond Twist


Before I launched my Bridal line, I never really paid much attention to diamonds or engagement rings.  It wasn’t until I began working with brides on a regular basis, and styling Bridal campaigns and photo shoots, that I began to really pay attention to wedding jewelry.   That’s why I’m excited to feature Anjolee, The Art of Jewelry, and their Diamond Engagement Rings.


Much like designing that perfect bridal gown and having it tailored and customized to each bride,  Anjolee allows anyone to create their perfect ring, with 100% customizable features from start to finish, and for any taste or budget.  You can customize metal type, carat weight, diamond quality, size–pretty much everything.


After browsing tons of gorgeous options,  I worked with Anjolee to customize this Diamond Engagement Ring.  While it was nearly impossible to choose, I settled with this design as I wanted something classic and timeless, and elegantly tasteful.  I also love the look of traditional solitaire diamond rings, but I liked the added pop of sparkle with the double side diamonds surrounding the center stone.  Not only is this ring even more gorgeous in person, but it means more to me than other diamond jewelry because I was able to design it myself.   Much like customizing a wedding gown, customizing your diamond jewelry is just another way to add more meaning to your special day.

AnjoleeLaurenElaine3 AnjoleeLaurenElaine2 anjoleelaurenelaine4 Anjoleelaurenelaine8 anjoleelaurenelaine7  AnjoleeLaurenElaine6 anjoleelaurenelainemartini1 AnjoleeLaurenElaineMartiniShot

Customize your own Diamond Engagement Ring at Anjolee, the Art of Jewelry.

Photos: ULE Digital |  Dresses: Lauren Elaine Bridal & Lauren Elaine Black Label

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