A Wolf in the Woods: Making Of


So for those who keep up with the facebook and twitter pages- you’ve probably seen the behind-the-scenes pics from our newest Black Label campaign film- shot back in mid-December.  And despite what seems like an eternity with the new calendar year and all- we’re almost ready to release it!

So, pending the upcoming release date- I decided to share a little bit about the inspiration and production behind the film.

In the past we’ve created campaign films for individual collections- but this piece is an overall brand campaign film- spanning all seasons and collections and designed to represent the Lauren Elaine Black Label as a whole.  While the concept is the brainchild of Director James Berry- it references all of our past films- especially our favorite: Little Red Riding Hood.

Here’s some other “fun facts” about the making of this new film:

– City by the Sea:  LA plays a leading role in the film. And so do the over 15 locations we used as a backdrop. As a CA-based, born, and raised designer- the CA (LA in particular) landscape and culture is always a huge inspiration.

– No room for error: A majority of the project was shot on 8mm film  (uber vintage by today’s digital standards)- giving it a uniquely real and raw feel.  One  challenge with using such an old-school format is a lack of playback. You can’t see what you’re shooting until it’s developed.  Good thing cinematographer Andrew Waruszewski always gets it right the first time:)

– We saved the best for last: Director James Berry and I spent over 2 days casting.  While we were meeting some really beautiful and talented candidates- we weren’t finding that perfect girl for this particular project. Lucky for us- Lauren Calaway was the very last model to come in.

– Film imitating life:  As you will soon see, the story centers around a man’s instant love affair with the “modern-day princess.”  We really needed some great chemistry between the two actors.  While we would have cast Lauren and Scott (Ford) as the leads individually regardless- it worked out pretty conveniently that Lauren and Scott are actually a couple in real-life.  Their on-screen chemistry is the real deal.

– Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: The exquisite diamond jewelry featured in the film was generously provided by Peter Young of INTAGEMS.  To say I was slightly nervous about the sheer quantity and value of the diamonds Lauren was wearing on set- would be the understatement of the year!

– Reality check: Despite the beautiful sunset and scenery, we shot in cold, wet, 40 degree weather. In fact, we had to postpone day 2 of the shoot due to rain.  I always feel badly for my models.  It always ends up that we’re shooting in extreme conditions- whether it be snow in Big Bear for THIS shoot, or the scorching heat and sandstorms from THIS shoot- I’m grateful to always work with a dedicated cast and crew that never complains.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more about release date, and where to view the new campaign film.

To learn more, you can read the press release HERE.  To see past campaign films,  visit our YOUTUBE page.



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