Vegas Valentine

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Since launching the SWIM line, I’ve been dying to do a show in Vegas.

And in less than a week, I’ll be road-tripping to the “City of Sin” with a fabulous team, to present SWIM at Fashion Week Las Vegas on Valentines Day.  Why Vegas? Well besides the fact that it easily averages 115 any given Summer day- making swimwear a necessity- Vegas is known for its glitz, glam, and nostalgic vibe.  Its the perfect place to present a sizzling, 70s inspired SWIM show that’s a little bit kitschy, and whole lot of flashy:) Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes photos and blog posts from my adventures in Vegas.  Until then, get all the FWLV details for the SWIM show HERE!


1 comments on “Vegas Valentine”

  1. That is absolutely AMAZING!!!! That will be such a great Fashion show!!! I can’t wait for the pics! If I didn’t have a baby, I would be jumping in my car and coming to meet you there!

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