Vegas Valentine

Since launching the SWIM line, I’ve been dying to do a show in Vegas.

And in less than a week, I’ll be road-tripping to the “City of Sin” with a fabulous team, to present SWIM at Fashion Week Las Vegas on Valentines Day.  Why Vegas? Well besides the fact that it easily averages 115 any given Summer day- making swimwear a necessity- Vegas is known for its glitz, glam, and nostalgic vibe.  Its the perfect place to present a sizzling, 70s inspired SWIM show that’s a little bit kitschy, and whole lot of flashy:) Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes photos and blog posts from my adventures in Vegas.  Until then, get all the FWLV details for the SWIM show HERE!



One comment

  1. That is absolutely AMAZING!!!! That will be such a great Fashion show!!! I can’t wait for the pics! If I didn’t have a baby, I would be jumping in my car and coming to meet you there!

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